Protect our Oceans

Science based solutions for a healthy ocean

There would be no denying the fact that oceans all over the world are facing serious problems. No matter how much we try to put it on the backburner and out of the spotlight, the truth would eventually prevail. So before things get beyond control, the experts at Ocean Conservancy have come up with science-based solutions which would help to save our beloved oceans. Termed to be unique to their company, they have come up with strategies that would be based on the land. Thanks to this, they would be able to make the oceans completely free of plastic. This project would start by eliminating leakage that tends to result from plastic waste. The priority countries would be Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines.

plastic cleanup

Even though you would be able to find plenty of research and strategies undertake to combat this problem, few outcomes have actually been derived. This is because when people decided to delve deeper into the study, they were unsuccessful in getting more of their goals. So for the first time, this kind of an initiative would specifically focus on completely eliminating plastic waste that would result in the oceans. This is because according to the study which has been conducted, they have been able to prove their hypothesis. This would be that the plastic solutions would actually begin from the land. So, with the help of coordinated effort that would come from NGOs, government, and industry, it would be possible to eradicate this problem. The benefits would help in solving both the environmental and economic problem.


According to computer modeling which was conducted, it was suggested that placement of collecting devices near the coasts would help to remove a large percentage of microplastics. If you would be wondering what this is, it would be the small plastic fiber and chips that would result from the breakdown of larger items.

However, when further research was done on it, it was found that while it would definitely help to solve the problem, it would only be so to one extent. This is because when the collecting booms would be placed inside the garbage patches, the amount that it would come to would be pretty small. In addition, if some other problem would occur, then this solution could be kicked out of the picture.

However, the efficiency of this solution could not be ignored. This is because when the plastic would first step foot into the ocean, it would mean that you would get the opportunity to remove it before it would cause any harm.

 Eco-Friendly Recreation and Ocean Activites

Despite the fact that a lot of plastic waste seems to be circulating in the ocean, it would be a more effective tactic if it would be tackled from the root of the problem. This would mean identifying the source from where plastics would enter the ocean. For the Beachgoers, it can be as simple as bringing a trash bag along to the beach to clean up after a great beach day. For fishing, anglers they can very simply pick up all lines and hooks to prevent ghost fishing.  Fishing and other Boat Charters can make sure their boat is properly maintained to avoid oil or gas leaks.

Project Sea Appreciation for the future

Thus, these would be some of the ways in which the oceans could be restored to its former glory. However, the rising use and amount of plastic would still need to be taken into consideration, amongst other factors.